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7/2021-6/2022 Committees:

Admissions & Diversity Committee (A&D):

Kaushik Das (Qush), Co-Chair
Robin Kelleher, Co-Chair

Bylaws Committee:
Leonard Silverman, Chair

Early Literacy Committee:
Danyela Souza Egorov, Chair

Outreach & Communications Committee:
Robin Kelleher, Chair

School Re-Openings & Sustainability Committee: (SROS):

Lim Fong Sim, Chair

Students with Disabilities Committee (SWD):

Lupe Hernandez, Chair

Students in Temporary Housing Committee (STH):
Ushma Neill, Chair

Zoning & Capital Planning Committee:

Benjamin Morden, Co-Chair
Robin Broshi, Co-Chair

7/2020-6/2021 Committees:

Remote Learning Committee:

Benjamin Morden, Chair

7/2019-6/2020 Committees:

Screening Committee:

Benjamin Morden, Chair

Multilingual Committee:

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