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Admissions & Diversity Committee

Chair: Craig L. Slutzkin
Members: Allyson Bowen, Charles Love




2022-2023 Preliminary Middle School A&D Survey Results

Admissions & Diversity Committee Meeting 
The CEC 2 Admissions & Diversity Committee held a forum for District 2 families to express their opinions about the middle school admissions process. You can view the forum here:

2022 Middle School Admissions Announcements
In Fall, 2022, Superintendent Kelly McGuire announced the admissions policy for the upcoming admissions cycle for District 2 middle schools. See the announcements here:

MS Admissions - Fall 2023 - SPANISH

MS Admissions - Fall 2023 - CHINESE 

MS Admissions - Fall 2023 - ENGLISH

Gifted and Talented Forum
In March 2020, CEC D2 hosted a forum on "G&T: Eliminate or Expand". This was a discussion on whether NYC should eliminate or expand access to accelerated public school programs. You can watch the forum here:

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