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MS297 at 75 Morton Street

MS 297 Launches its Website!

We are excited to share the new website for MS 297. All the most up to date information about District 2's new middle school will be posted on their website at

About Jacqui Getz

We are excited to announce Jacqui Getz as the proposed new Principal of MS 297 at 75 Morton Street!


Jacqui has a proven track record as an exceptional school leader.  For the past five years, she has served as Principal of PS 126/MAT.  Jacqui’s work at PS126/MAT has focused on refining the math and social studies curricula, integrating the arts, developing rich student discourse through Socratic Seminar, and strengthening family involvement.  As an educator for 30 years, she previously worked as a teacher, an Assistant principal at PS 234 and Principal at PS 290.  Jacqui has an extensive background in literacy and has served as a staff developer in the Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Project, a network Literacy Leader, and a literacy consultant.  Jacqui’s core values focus on celebrating diversity, life-long learning, curiosity, and creativity. 


Jacqui’s leadership is guided by a belief that students learn best through inquiry and project-based learning.  PS126/MAT reflects this philosophy in the buzz of engaged students, the celebration of student work in the hallways, and the commitment to a rigorous curriculum.  As a collaborative leader, Jacqui utilizes several methods, such as her Family Writing Group, weekly parent communication, and an open door policy, to ensure families feel welcome and a part of the school community.  

MS297 News

Screening Rubric

The criteria for screened admissions at MS297 (for students who live outside its zone) has been made available.


In the Press

The Villager article on 10/13/16. 

Finding Your Zone

Go to the School Search page of the NYC DOE website. 


Enter your home address and select the appropriate borough.


Click "Search."

If you are zoned for MS297 you will see two tabs in the results section: 2016-2017 and 2017 - 2018.  Click on the 2017-2018 to read the notes. 

If you are NOT zoned for MS297, you will NOT see two tabs. 

MS 297 Screening Rubric

Students who live outside of the zone for MS297 may still apply through the screened admission process. Click here for the criteria for screened students.

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