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December 2018

CEC Meeting Monday, December 3

The December CECD2 Calendar and Working Business Meetings will take place on Monday, December 3 at 6:30 pm at The Clinton School located at 10 E. 15th Street.

The meeting will include a presentation from the DOE about its proposal to change admissions for the city's Specialized High Schools.

-See flier in English / Spanish / Chinese

You can view the presentation in multiple languages by scrolling down to the "Equitable Admissions to Specialized High Schools" section of the DOE's Diversity in Our Schools page.

Registration is strongly encouraged, but not required.

The Council will also be discussing and voting on the following resolution:

In Support of Comprehensive Community Input to Any and All Proposed Changes to Specialized High School Admissions and In Support of Public Access to Department of Education Data Concerning Proposed Admissions Rubric Metrics

Chinese version: 決議 要社區對特殊高中錄取過程任何修改都有詳盡批評權利和機會 並 要教育局公布有關提議中的特殊高中錄取過程所有資料

As always, there will be time for public comment on the presentation and the resolution. Speaking time may be limited to 1-2 minutes at the discretion of the council. The public can also submit comments via email at

Full Meeting Agenda

Calendar Meeting

Working Business Meeting

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