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On May 9 the CEC2 held a forum about integrating our schools. We were joined by education experts Amy Stuart-Wells, Kelly McGuire, and Lindsay Oaks, and a high school student for a discussion about benefits of a classroom with diverse learners and how we create and nurture such a learning environment.

Our current middle school admissions system sorts students by academic performance, resulting in many schools with students of similar abilities. This system of sorting leads to racially and socioeconomically segregated schools. The forum will explore the benefits of mixing students of all academic levels.

Please view a video of our event.


Amy Stuart-Wells is a Professor of Sociology and Education, and the Coordinator of Policy Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research and writing has focused broadly on issues of race and education.

Kelly McGuire is Principal of Lower Manhattan Community Middle School for the past 12 years. Prior to that he was an AP at Wagner Middle School. He total of 8 years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Oakland, California before coming to NYC.

Lindsay Oaks has taught social studies in NYC public middle schools for 16 years. She has also served as an instructional coach, mentored new teachers, facilitated professional development workshops, taught creative writing, coached the ballroom dance team, and advised various

Sen Oglesby is a 9th grader. She attended Lower Manhattan Community Middle School and PS3 in District 2.

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