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Students in Temporary Housing (STH) Committee/ Students with Economic Needs

Please add any amazon Wishlist or resources for shelters here -



Hi everyone-

Thank you for your dedication and interest in helping the students in temporary housing in NYC (and specifically D2). A sincere hope that you have a pleasant few days ahead of you.


As many of us are focused on food in the coming days, it is an opportune moment to think about the pandemic-EBT cards many of us were issued last year and were topped up with added funds recently. We've heard from a number of constituents about a need for a replacement card: in the attached pdf there's a collation of information and links/ numbers that can be used for ordering a replacement card. Hope this is helpful. If you know anyone that still has issues getting a replacement card, let us know and we can put them in touch with someone who can help on an individual basis.


Also in the attached are links to a few food pantries that can be stocked directly by the P-EBT cards (via amazon wishlists). Two of these lists go directly to supporting STH in D2.


Included after those links are a few slides on adding the EBT card to an amazon account in case they are helpful.


To the extent you yourself are able to make a donation to one of the pantries, please do. if you can also pass this on to like-minded parents, I am sure the pantries/STH/shelters would be thrilled to have an influx of supplies. Feel free to forward to anyone who might be able to use this information.


With sincere hopes for a positive few days ahead-

Ushma Neill, Chair


PEBT how to

CECD2 Students in temporary housing/ Students with economic needs committee 


Date: Thursday, Oct 13, 2022

Time: 7:00 PM

Preliminary Agenda: Join the CECD2 STH/SEN committee on the evening of Thursday October 13th at 7pm to join a discussion about what we as a community can do to support STH/SEN in D2 schools. The director of one of the largest D2 shelters will be joining the meeting to discuss the particular needs of the asylum seekers who have recently arrived in the city. Please come with ideas and hear about current initiatives to support our D2 students.



Livestream: Watch meeting on YouTube:  
There is no YouTube registration, but access excludes making public commentary.
*Register in advance for this meeting and after registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. To ensure access to the meeting, please login to your Zoom account with the email provided when registering. Register using following Zoom link.
For viewing the meeting livestream or previous meetings, see our YouTube channel at
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