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The next calendar/working business meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th at 6:30 pm. The meetings will be held at 333 Seventh Avenue in the 7th floor large conference room. Please come and celebrate the end of the school year with us. 

The following revised proposal for the new middle school at 75 Morton Street did not pass at the special calendar meeting held on Tuesday, May 24th. The vote was 2 yes and 8 no.

Revised Proposal for New Middle School at 75 Morton Street


On Tuesday, May 3, 2016 the CECD2 approved a zone for the Middle School to be located at 75 Morton Street.
The CECD2, Community Board 2, and the 75 Morton Community Alliance hosted a forum on academic tracking and school integration featuring education experts Carol Burris and Halley Potter.

To see a CEC presentation about middle school capacity and enrollment patterns in District 2 and how the creation of a new large capacity middle school is expected to impact other schools click here.

To see the DOE's presentation including proposed middle school zoning changes click here.

To see the Contract for Excellence (C4E) FY16 Proposed Plan click here.

To see CECD2's comments on the C4E click here.  

To see CECD2's comments on the FY 2015-2016 School Budget Allocation Formulas click here

New Middle School at 75 Morton Street:
For information and updates about the new District 2 middle school scheduled to open in 2017 at 75 Morton Street, please visit the 75 Morton section of our website.

Office of Pupil Transportation:
For general and contact information regarding pupil transportation click here

District 2 Updates:
PS 3: in response to a concern regarding an odor at PS 3, the NYFD, Con Ed, the Department of School Facilities and the UFT conducted an inspection of the gas vent pipes. NYFD and Con Ed concluded that everything was fine which was confirmed by the air quality testing performed by the UFT.

75 Morton Street: the work is well underway and 75 Morton will be ready to open in September 2017.

MS 131: 23% of the 131 students who took the Specialized High School exams were accepted into specialized high schools, such as Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, Brooklyn Latin, and or La Guardia. 

PS 183: On Friday, March 11th, PS 183 hosted a visit where educators from Singapore spent the morning at the school learning about our partnership with NTC, the New Teacher Center. At 183, the NTC trains teachers to support our early-career teachers with 2 hours of weekly mentoring until they achieve tenure. This has strengthened the teacher leadership capacity while also supporting new teachers.

East Side School for Social Action (PS 527): did you know that PS 527 students collected plastic bottles for two weeks to see how much we waste? After two weeks, over 1,000 bottles were collected and students learned how to reduce waste, and replace plastic with more environmentally friendly materials.    

DOE Updates:

New York State Grades 3-8 Math and ELA Exams: The NYS Education Department is making significant changes to the 2016 Grades 3-8 ELA and Mathematics Tests. NYSED has selected Questar Assessment, Inc. as the new vendor to lead the development of the future NYS grades 3-8 ELA and Mathematics Tests. NYSED has also collected significant feedback from students, parents and NYS educators regarding ways to improve the tests. These changes will improve the testing experience for students and the validity of the assessments. Changes made as a result of the feedback are: greater involvement of educators in the test development process, decrease in the number of test questions, and a shift to untimed testing.

Student Perception Survey: Students in grades 6-12 will participate in the Student Perception Survey this May and June. This survey is designed to capture student feedback on teacher practice and the classroom environment.

Our Blackboard Awards Recipients:
Nancy Sing Bok, PS 51 and Ronnie Najjar, PS 89 for outstanding elementary schools
Jacqui Getz, PS/IS 126 for outstanding K-8 school
David Getz, MS 114 (ESMS) for outstanding principal   

There is a vacancy on the council for a parent with a child receiving (ELL) English Language Learner services, or has received ELL services within the last two years. Please apply if you fit this criteria or encourage someone else to apply. For an application: click here.

To locate your zoned elementary school click on the following DOE website and enter your address under school search:  
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To contact us regarding zoning go to:



Virtual Tours

To take a virtual tour of some of our middle schools 
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Monday, May 30
Memorial Day (schools closed).
Wednesday, June 8
June Clerical Half-Day for elementary and middle school students.
Thursday, June 9
Chancellor's Conference Day for staff development.
Student do not attend school.
Tuesday, June 14
June Clerical Half-Day for elementary and middle school students,.
Regents Rating Day.