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우리 회원들

2023-2024 Committee Members
Email Address
Committee Chairs
Manpreet (Pree) Boparai, 재무 담당자
Danyela Egorov, 부사장
학교 안전
Sara Schacter-Erenburg, 의회 의원
Admissions & Diversity, Wit & Wisdom
레너드 실버먼(회장)
Allyson Bowen, Councilmember
Maud Maron, Councilmember
Zoning & Capital Planning, By-Laws, Academics
Charles Love, Councilmember
Gavin Healy, Councilmember
Students with Disabilities
Sonal Patel, Councilmember
Sara Schacter-Erenburg, Councimember
Jessica Savage, Councilmember
Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate
Sabena Serinese, Councilmember
School Safety
Vacant, Student Representative
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